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The beginning of Cape Talk

May 4th, 2014, 6:42 pm

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Reply TimeSceo, May 4th, 2014, 6:42 pm

[5/3/14 6:03:11 PM] Punchy-Prime: I just had a fucking shocking revelation
[5/3/14 6:03:20 PM] Ruth: WHAT. WHAT?!
[5/3/14 6:03:21 PM] Alienoid: What
[5/3/14 6:03:21 PM] Punchy-Prime: Why haven't we all joined forces to make a comic.
[5/3/14 6:03:27 PM] Alienoid: Well
[5/3/14 6:03:32 PM] Alienoid: Me and Casey were considering CAP
[5/3/14 6:03:34 PM] Ruth: because i dont visit SJ much
[5/3/14 6:03:49 PM] Ruth: i only visit to link my other friends to the disasterous comics
[5/3/14 6:04:05 PM] Punchy-Prime: Teeeeechnically I ordered a restraining order on myself so I can't go back to CAP
[5/3/14 6:04:16 PM] Ruth: what would our amazing comic be about
[5/3/14 6:04:24 PM] Punchy-Prime: basically CAP but more people
[5/3/14 6:04:39 PM] Ruth: o
[5/3/14 6:06:05 PM] Punchy-Prime: No offense to anybody, but Alienoid, Kx, and... ss1009? Ian? I dunno what to call him, but anyways, those three produse the most content out of all of us, which is more than enough to keep it alive. It could also help me get back into sprite comics, which I really need, seeing as it's been upwards of four or so months since I've even touched a sprite.
[5/3/14 6:06:22 PM] Punchy-Prime: Plus all of us have some good ideas so I think we can cooperate to do something.
[5/3/14 6:06:31 PM] Punchy-Prime: Of course, it's all up to you guys.
[5/3/14 6:06:37 PM] Alienoid: I'd be okay with it, I guess
[5/3/14 6:06:40 PM] Casey-Sama: Making a comic that I actually WANT to make sounds nice.
[5/3/14 6:06:52 PM] Ruth: I made a sprite the other day
[5/3/14 6:06:53 PM] Casey-Sama: I haven't [made a comic willingly] in... God... a month? Two? *shrugs*
[5/3/14 6:06:55 PM] Ruth: it was earthbound styled
[5/3/14 6:07:00 PM] Ruth: wanna see it
[5/3/14 6:07:03 PM] Alienoid: Sure
[5/3/14 6:07:05 PM] Punchy-Prime: Yeah
[5/3/14 6:07:41 PM] Casey-Sama: I've got these new 8-bit Casey sprites I'm working on, but that's all I've been doing
[5/3/14 6:07:46 PM] Ruth: say hello to clyde cash! chris chan's worst enemy! also the arms on his walking sprites are a bit weird, bewarb
[5/3/14 6:07:59 PM] Alienoid: Nice!
[5/3/14 6:08:02 PM] Casey-Sama: Looks pretty nice
[5/3/14 6:08:41 PM] Punchy-Prime: Lookin' good.
[5/3/14 6:08:47 PM] Ruth: thank youu
[5/3/14 6:09:13 PM] Ruth: I actually have a new idea for a comic but I dont wanna make it
[5/3/14 6:09:18 PM] Punchy-Prime: (only complaint is that the eyes have the whites around them)
[5/3/14 6:09:20 PM] Ruth: since i have act zero and kirbytroid...
[5/3/14 6:09:22 PM] Alienoid: I think the most recent sprite I've made is my trainer sprite
[5/3/14 6:09:35 PM] Alienoid:
[5/3/14 6:09:36 PM] Ruth: On 2014-05-03, at 7:09 PM, Punchy-Prime wrote:
> (only complaint is that the eyes have the whites around them)

they didnt have whites before
[5/3/14 6:09:43 PM] Ruth: but the people making the chris chan RPG said they wanted them
[5/3/14 6:10:01 PM] Punchy-Prime: we can just to little one-shot comics for ideas and stuff without turning them into full blown comics
[5/3/14 6:10:05 PM] Alienoid:
[5/3/14 6:10:07 PM] Alienoid: Original left
[5/3/14 6:10:12 PM] Punchy-Prime: Kinda like Alienoid's Minecrafters
[5/3/14 6:10:25 PM] Alienoid: New right
[5/3/14 6:10:50 PM] Ruth: I gotta make my own avatar sprite already
[5/3/14 6:10:51 PM] Alienoid:
Although these are drawings so they don't count
[5/3/14 6:11:48 PM] Ruth: i have an idea thats basically kingdom hearts but sanic
[5/3/14 6:11:55 PM] Ruth: I mean nintendo
[5/3/14 6:11:56 PM] Ruth: not sanic
[5/3/14 6:11:58 PM] Ruth: screw sanic
[5/3/14 6:12:04 PM] Punchy-Prime: Well... Let's hear everyone who is present's say on the matter of a new collab comic.
[5/3/14 6:12:05 PM] Ruth: it has nothing to do with sanic
[5/3/14 6:12:18 PM] Punchy-Prime: This is a thing I kinda wanna do.
[5/3/14 6:12:26 PM] Ruth: I'm up for a collab.
[5/3/14 6:12:37 PM] Punchy-Prime: coo
[5/3/14 6:12:47 PM] Punchy-Prime: Noidy, Cas, you in?
[5/3/14 6:12:51 PM] TimeSceo: I'm up for it
[5/3/14 6:12:56 PM] TimeSceo: CAMERON
[5/3/14 6:12:56 PM] Alienoid: Sure
[5/3/14 6:12:57 PM] Punchy-Prime: Aight sweet
[5/3/14 6:13:19 PM] Punchy-Prime: So that's four.
[5/3/14 6:13:30 PM] Ruth: what will we name it
[5/3/14 6:13:39 PM] Punchy-Prime: WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU
[5/3/14 6:13:46 PM] Punchy-Prime: Not sure.
[5/3/14 6:13:55 PM] Punchy-Prime: CAT KELP
[5/3/14 6:14:01 PM] Punchy-Prime: wait no
[5/3/14 6:14:08 PM] Punchy-Prime: that's leaving our either Alienoid or Addie
[5/3/14 6:14:15 PM] Alienoid: Wait
[5/3/14 6:14:20 PM] Alienoid: I'm on an anagram generator
[5/3/14 6:14:27 PM] Punchy-Prime: gogogogogo
[5/3/14 6:14:28 PM] Alienoid: And I'm finding some pretty hilarious results
[5/3/14 6:14:32 PM] Punchy-Prime: get us a name boy
[5/3/14 6:15:24 PM] Alienoid: ...CAPE TALK
[5/3/14 6:15:30 PM] Alienoid: PACE TALK
[5/3/14 6:15:37 PM] Alienoid: TACKLE PA
[5/3/14 6:15:44 PM] Alienoid: ALACK PET
[5/3/14 6:16:07 PM] Punchy-Prime: Welcome back to Cape Talk. I'm your host, Cape Man.
[5/3/14 6:16:14 PM] Punchy-Prime: I actually like that one a lot lol
[5/3/14 6:16:22 PM] Ruth: I'm good with Cape Talk
[5/3/14 6:16:33 PM] TimeSceo: Cape Talk
[5/3/14 6:16:39 PM] TimeSceo: Our mascot is Eridan
[5/3/14 6:16:42 PM] TimeSceo: TimeSceo is brick'd
[5/3/14 6:16:55 PM] Alienoid: No
[5/3/14 6:16:58 PM] Alienoid: No Eridan
[5/3/14 6:17:01 PM] Punchy-Prime: Yes
[5/3/14 6:17:04 PM] Punchy-Prime: Only Eridan
[5/3/14 6:17:21 PM] TimeSceo: The cape, Alienoid
[5/3/14 6:17:24 PM] TimeSceo: It's too amazing
[5/3/14 6:17:30 PM] Alienoid: NO CAPE TALK, THEN
[5/3/14 6:17:31 PM] Alienoid: I REFUSE
[5/3/14 6:28:01 PM] TimeSceo: I'll start on a banner
[5/3/14 6:28:07 PM] TimeSceo: EVERYONE GIMME AUTHROSONAZ

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User's Comments:

Reply Guest, May 4th, 2014, 7:09 pm

Let's see how this goes! Will CAP limit still be running?

Reply kmarwx, May 4th, 2014, 9:50 pm


Unfortunately, no. CAP Limit will no longer be running, because TimeSceo, the other authors, and I currently have Cascade and Alienoid tied up in the basement of our secret underground shelter. Anytime they create a comic for CAP Limit, or anything other than Cape Talk, we break their wrists and let the bones set back however they chose. Of course, the lifelong punishment of having wrists that don't work properly will be a constant reminder that they have failed as people by updating their other petty comics.

No, I kid. I'm pretty sure they're gonna keep updating it.

Reply TatzuiDubby, May 13th, 2014, 9:45 am

This seems intresting

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